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DEFA Termini™ 1350

Ogrzewacze wnętrza serii Termini™

Start your day in a room heated car, even when winter is at its coldest. Termini™ series mounted discreetly in the interior. Because of a large air flow it heats the cabin quickly and provides a comfortable temperature. In addition, you can start your journey with the ice-free windows and good visibility, which makes you a much safer driver. Heater is available in 3 different sizes; 1400W, 1900W and 2100W.

Termini™ 1350

Interior heater with ON/OFF-switch and one output setting for small to medium cars and medium winter temperatures.

Termini™, is a modern interior heater in mini format, so small and elegant that it fits all coupés.

Tests show a rapid heating and constant temperature in the entire coupé. This reduces the connection time and with that the current consumption.

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Dane techniczne

1350W przy -25°C

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tradycyjny - kod: 430063
Defa konektor - kod: 430062